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Battery Rechargeable Portable UV Anion Ionic Dust Mites Bed Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

The power of built-in vibrator is the measurement scale of bed vacuum cleaner.

Unique Design: Up and down movement. The variation device has applied for patens, all rights reserved.

Cleaning Mode:
1. Clean the beddings with built-in vibrator. It breaks up stubborn embedded dust particles on the mattresses, such as mites, bed bugs, dander & crumbs, and then vacuum them into the dust case.
2. UV Light sterilizes mattresses, sofa & beddings by killing germs and harmful allergens.
3. Powerful vacuum cleaner vacuum the germs, mites, dust, bed bugs, dander & crumbs etc., remove the allergen completely.

Sleeping Mode:
2 promote sleeping
Breathing Night Light + Anion
The vacuum cleaner combines with the breathing night light and anion, creating a restful sleep.
3 purify the air
Built-in anion generator works with a independent fan, and manufacturing the forest-like environment.

Safety protection
1. The motor will stop working when the vibrator get stick...
2. The protective circuit will shut off power supply automatically when the charging current is too large.